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The Perfect House for Today's Co-Habitating Multi-Generational Family

So perhaps you've heard, but the economy kind of sucks! And an increasing number of American families are finding the somewhat retro idea of grandparents, children and grandchildren living together irresistible (because otherwise some family members would be homeless). This house in the Smyrna Heights subdivision struck us as the perfect house for one of these big, happy families...6 bedrooms, 4.5 baths including an in-law suite, all for $350,000. The exterior is inoffensive, production-built craftsman lite. And the interiors are perfectly nice, boasting some nice finishes and a few luxury touches like a whirlpool bath in the master, a butler's pantry with wine refrigerator and lovely granite in both kitchens. The million dollar question: who gets the privacy of the basement in-law suite: grandpa, or the recent college graduate who can't find a job?

· 1151 Mclinden Avenue SE [Keller Williams]