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Ansley Park Named Among the U.S.'s Finest Neighborhoods

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[A collection of Ansley Park homes and architectural styles, images via]

One of Atlanta's oldest and grandest neighborhoods has been recognized by the American Planning Association as a "Great Place in America." For those unfamiliar with Ansley Park, it was originally developed in 1904 by Edwin P. Ansley as 'Peachtree Garden' following a plan inspired by Frederick Law Olmstead's designs for Central Park in New York. The 275 acres of leafy, rolling hills and wide streets (to allow ease of passage for horses and carriages in the early 20th century) lie in what is now the heart of Midtown, bordering Piedmont Park and less than a 10 minute walk from 13 other parks. Streets like The Prado, Inman Circle and Peachtree Circle are populated by numerous grand homes and a melange of architectural styles. They don't make them like this anymore.

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