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What's Your Neighborhood's Walk Score?

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Almost any place has some semblance of walk-ability, but as traffic jams multiply, gas gets more expensive and air quality in Atlanta steadily worsens, the idea of being able to walk to conduct a significant portion of your daily business gets ever more attractive. The website Walk Score has been around for a while, and improvements in online mapping technology continue to increase its scope and accuracy. Atlanta's overall Walk Score of 52.9 ("Somewhat Walkable") ranks #20 in the U.S.; not surprisingly, the Top 5 are New York, San Francisco, Boston, Chicago and Philly, in that order. The most walk-able Atlanta neighborhoods are pretty obvious (Atkins Park, Sweet Auburn, Downtown, Poncey-Highland) but there are some surprises. Definitely worth of a few minutes of your time.

· Walk Score [official site]