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The Final Project List for the Transportation Investment Act is Approved. Discuss.

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Time to break out the grill: the sausage hath been made. Today the Atlanta Regional Roundtable released the final report on the Transportation Investment Act, including the officially approved project list to be funded with the 10-county regional 1% sales tax (if Georgia voters see fit to passing it next year). While the gist of the list has been set since mid-August, there were six amendments. They primarily shifted money around, but one did completely scrap the Cumberland to Midtown light rail project in favor of more road work at Windy Hill Road in Marietta (Cobb County...always ahead of its time). In the end, the anticipated total of $6.14 billion raised by the sales tax will be split roughly 52%-48% in favor of public transit projects vs. road projects. While many had hoped for a more forward-thinking approach that went big on public transit infrastructure- especially given Atlanta's extreme deficiencies in the area- this process proved that old habits die hard, especially in Georgia. But something is infinitely better than nothing in a place where it's been 40 years since a significant new investment has been made in public transportation.

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