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'Tuscan Inspired' Lake Estate Just Waiting for Colonel Gaddafi

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Today we jump on I-20 East and head out to Lake Oconee and a subtle 7 bed, 8 bath, 4 half bath home right there on the lake. Taking cues from Tuscany, home to some of the greatest artists in history, the owners clearly spared no expense in procuring paint and marble to pair ornate faux Italinate design with memorials to the slaughter of at least one of every animal that ever walked the grasses of the African savanna. Some bedrooms appear to have been spared the dramatic feel of the rest of the house, with random floral patterns deployed there for good measure. We're not sure whether the taxidermic specimens in the "ballroom sized trophy room" are included, but surely the owners would consider leaving one of the two zebra skin rugs pictured. Square footage is not included in the listing, but records reveal that a cozy 12,305 square feet are heated and cooled. So plenty of room for family and friends. Plus Ukrainian nurses, bodyguards and weapons. $13,000,000? Easy.

· 1270 Club Cove Drive [Harry Norman]