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Shell Station Creates Traffic-Snarled Hellscape; Helpfully Allows People to Burn Extra Fuel

In its continued effort to save the world, help people, and curb its gaudy profits, Shell Oil today staged free gas giveaways at selected Shell stations across these United States, among them a station in our own Decatur. Patrons lucky enough to get into the station in the 90 minute window of the promotion availed themselves of up to 15 gallons of gas for the price of $0.00. Predictably, many people showed up hoping to get free gas, creating a traffic nightmare requiring police intervention. If this was a marketing strategy, Shell may want to re-evaluate. We'd imagine there are more than a few people that share this sentiment, as reported by the AJC: "I was one of the unfortunate people stuck in traffic this morning because of the gas giveaway," Sean Egan told the AJC in an e-mail. "It took me more than an hour to drop my daughter off at the Montessori at Emory school," Egan said. "I'm so angry about it that I will never buy gas or anything else from that or any other Shell station." Who says Big Oil isn't doing anything to help the economy?

· DeKalb Shell station giving away free gas [AJC]