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This is What Big Atlanta Law Firm Office Space Looks Like

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[Various shots of the newly configured Kilpatrick & Townsend offices in 1100 Peachtree, images courtesy of Carter Interiors.]

Part of the allure of the large, white-shoe law firm is substance and stability. Corporations and people looking to shell out $250-1000 per hour on an attorney are looking for adroit legal advice and a narrow focus on client advocacy, not nods to the latest in design trends. To wit, we present some photos of venerable Atlanta law firm Kilpatrick & Townsend's (the former Kilpatrick & Stockton) recently renovated office space. Carter Interiors handled the project as designed by Cooper Carry, and it's about what you'd expect from a big Atlanta law firm with a slight update...wood and big views out the windows still prevail, but there's a cleaner, more modern feel. A lovely place for clients to visit for an hour, still a mind-numbing place for a first-year associate to spend 80 hours a week.