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Large Buckhead House is Beautiful, Also Kind of Weird

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This is honestly one of the more befuddling listings we've come upon in a long while. This large, plush home on Argonne in the dense, hilly forestland off Habersham- one of Atlanta's grandest streets- is beautiful to be sure. But it's also just...strange. The 'cultivated barn' interior is fairly common these days in both residential and commercial real estate. But this application is like no other we can recall, and combined with some of the art and furnishings, it straddles that line between interesting and downright odd. For instance, kitchens are increasingly being treated as primary hang-out spaces. But we've never seen a collection of slip-covered lounging furniture arranged smack dab in the middle of one, much less in lieu of a table and chairs. And while animals and art inspired by them are great, the hybrid ostrich taxidermy/statue featured prominently in two of the photos is disturbing and- fair warning- may haunt the dreams of anyone that beholds it, even in photographs. To be sure, unending potential is inherent in the light, scale and materials of the rooms throughout the living areas and 5 beds / 5 baths of the house. And an acre and a half in this neighborhood with this degree of privacy is a valuable thing. Just have to wonder how the typical consumer for a $3,795,000 house reacts to the owners' decorating choices.

· 401 Argonne Drive [Estately]