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There Is Resistance to the Name "Buckhead, Atlanta" For a Real Estate Development Located in Buckhead, in Atlanta

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John Schaffner is a veteran journalist and proprietor of the well-written and focused BuckheadView. He's also a Buckhead resident. As one might guess, Mr. Schaffner is a passionate advocate for the neighborhood that is both his home and his primary subject matter; these feelings compelled him to write a commentary piece about the new name Oliver McMillan has bestowed on the former Streets of Buckhead. Specifically, he is asking them to change it, and his arguments make a whole lot of sense. Schaffner is not alone, as it seems many folks who encounter the odd new double city name of "Buckhead, Atlanta" don't like it- some 83% according to an informal poll in the Atlanta Business Chronicle. It will be interesting to see how this plays out...Oliver McMillan probably paid someone a lot of money to come up with the name Buckhead, Atlanta, and have likely made additional investments in it. But neighborhood advocates can be a cranky lot...

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