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No Atlanta Suburbs Among America's Richest, But We Are a Beacon for Young Adults

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As 2010 U.S. Census data continues to be parsed and drip out into the medias, we get word that Atlanta boasts no suburbs that qualify in the Top 100 for median income. Seeing New York bedroom communities like Brookville and Oyster Bay was not a surprise, nor were other tony communities like Chevy Chase, Maryland (D.C.); Los Altos, California (Silicon Valley /San Francisco); or Winnetka, Illinois (Chicago). But to not see an Alpharetta or Sandy Springs in there among Dellwood, Minnesota (where?) or Clarkson Valley, Missouri (what?) was a tad disappointing. Our spirits were lifted, however, to see Kiplinger's rate Atlanta among their "10 Great Cities for Young Adults." Apparently, Atlanta offers above average salaries and lower rents, and is also bringing in the noise and the funk with neighborhoods like Virginia-Highland and Little 5 Points for these youngsters to blow their paychecks on booze and grub. They do mention the unemployment issue (oh yeah, that). But they're still bullish on Atlanta as a place for college educated twenty-somethings to come and enjoy early summer temperatures in mid-October.

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