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Students at Berry College Live in Some Really Nice Dorms

[Assorted shots of new dormitories at Berry College in Mt. Berry, Georgia, designed by Cooper Cary. Photos courtesy of Cooper Cary.]

We remember the day we moved into our college dormitory. It was a building built in the early 1960's employing the finest institutional architecture of the time, replete with no air conditioning, bunk beds and cold, hard tile floors. Suffice it to say that times have changed, and today's college consumers, er, students, are wooed by universities offering student housing more in line with the finish level and amenities of the luxury apartment complexes that their dorms compete with. Berry College was recently named one of America's "Most Beautiful College Campuses" by Travel + Leisure magazine, and we can see why. Not only do Berry's 26,000 acres constitute the world's largest continuous campus (strange for a school with a total enrollment of 1858 students, but hey, good for them), but they're covered with a mix of English-Gothic inspired buildings and new, LEED-certified buildings like the Morgan & Deerfield Halls designed by the Atlanta office of Cooper Cary. Hard to see any downside to living in a place like this, though with such idyllic environments to study, the "Gentleman's C" would be pretty hard to defend.

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