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Atlanta Transit Upgrades: The Why

As some in the outer suburbs still grumble about the T-SPLOST project list, a couple of interesting pieces surface in the medias that may help them understand why projects located within the city limits seem to get the lion's share of the dollars. Bottom line: for the metro-Atlanta area to prosper, new jobs need to either be created or move here, and they're not. Job creators or havers tend to prefer bringing their jobs to places where young talent actually wants to live. And we're pretty sure young talent doesn't rank shitty traffic as a quality they're looking for in a city. If history serves as any indicator, eventually, some portion of this young talent will marry, procreate and move to the outer 'burbs. But it's likely that a majority of them will still have a job that is tied to the City of Atlanta. Either way, as little as some would care to admit it, Atlanta is the primary economic engine that keeps the state running. It needs to be fueled. [Atlanta Business Chronicle / Creative Loafing]