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Oh The Creativity & Opportunity Unleashed By A Glut of Retail Space

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Take a property owner with a shuttered fitness club in a very desirable location, add a creative entrepreneur with a great idea and what do you get? Hang Time, "Atlanta's long awaited ULTIMATE TRAMPOLINE ARENA." Really it makes all the sense in the was only a matter of time before children looking to jiggle their brains inside of their skulls moved past the warehouse full o' the bounce-y castles. And by opening the concept to adults, Hang Time avails itself to the broad market of people whose parents' lame aversions to compound fractures and skin pinching at the hand of heavy-duty metal springs deprived them of a backyard trampoline as children. There are (seriously) economic benefits to this as well...every giant retail space that finds an occupant has the potential of creating a construction or real estate job. Great idea, wish we'd had it.

· Hang Time [official Facebook page]