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Home Beckons Star Children With All The Colors of the Rainbow

Just as we were lamenting the color palette of prevailing interior design styles and its descent into drabness and utter boredom, hope springs eternal. This Cascade home simultaneously reminded us of the album cover for Pink Floyd's 'Dark Side of the Moon,' Lucky Charms, books about LSD and the high school physics class where we covered electromagnetism and the visible light spectrum (paging Mr. Roy G. Biv). In addition to the grand paint scheme, this 14 year-old (and nicely-aging) home offers 5 bedrooms and 4.5 baths spread over 3,000 square feet. We were disappointed that the broker babble evinces some self-doubt about the paint colors with this line, "Sold 'As Is', just needs some TLC to make it your own." But then again, not everyone is enlightened enough to live inside the rainbow. A steal at $199,000. Cheers to M.P. for brightening our lives with the tip.

· 1300 Cascade Falls Drive S [Estately]