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Proposed New Downtown Development Hopes to Create Atlanta's Times Square...ish.

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Amid the current economic climate (and grueling microclimate it has created in Atlanta real estate), a new office project is big news. So it is perhaps appropriate that this one has some splash factor. Seven Oaks Company, helmed by veteran Atlanta office developer Bob Voyles and Legacy Property Group, developer and owner of multiple downtown properties announced a J/V to develop a 350,000 square foot mixed-use development downtown at 285 Marietta Street featuring office, hotel rooms, tourist attractions and retail. The marketing hook for the building (to be designed by Cooper Carry) is that it will have a giant video wall on its facade. The developers are talking up the idea that this video wall- combined with downtown attractions like the World of Coke and The Georgia Aquarium- will create a Times Square-like district in Atlanta, and attract hip, "Gen Y companies and their young workforce." The wind is certainly in these developer's faces (they'll likely need a majority of the office space to be pre-leased to get project financing), but the fact that people are even considering a new downtown development is a very positive sign. It's just a shame Atlanta won't first have the benefit of a period where this district is equipped with substantial amenities attractive to perverts and then later converted into a family-friendly epicenter of commerce and tourism. But we suppose that's what Cheshire Bridge is for.

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The World Of Coca-Cola

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