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The Listing for This $2.3 Million Condo Over the Four Seasons Is Kind of Meh.

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When the Four Seasons Hotel in Midtown opened in 1992, both the 5-star hotel and the residences on top of it were big news. Almost twenty years later, the building's location only seems to get better as Midtown evolves, and the hotel remains one of the best in the city. But the condominiums atop the 4 Seasons have a lot of competition these days, as evidenced by the fact that the owners of this 3 bed/4bath unit claim to have put $1mm+ into renovations the over the past 2 years but are only asking $2.3 million for just over 3500 square feet of space outfitted with details like a bidet, a 2-story foyer and 32 foot doors(?) While the space is obviously very nice, we were a bit underwhelmed by the photos in this listing...where are the views? Where is the light? And though the listing drops the name of an L.A. designer we're apparently supposed to have heard of, the interiors look a lot like a generic, modern hotel lobby.

· 75 14th Street NE Unit #4820 [Solid Source Realty]