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Warm Climate and Cheap Housing Attracting Black Bears to Atlanta's Suburbs?

You may recall our post last month about the black bear that had moved into Alpharetta and was busy making himself at home. It now appears word is spreading among black bears about what a great place the Atlanta suburbs are to live, so much so that the AP wrote a story about it that was picked up by the Washington Post. That the news has traveled so far and so fast is a cause for both joy and distress. On the one hand, bears are kind of cute. On the other, stories involving people and wild animals attempting to co-exist out of nature rarely end well. For what it's worth, black bears are among the least aggressive bears, unless they are predatory males, in which case they will stalk and kill you. But seriously, if you see a bear, go inside and call animal control.

· Black bears are coming to town, could complicate life for people in Atlanta’s northern suburbs [Washington Post]