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Marietta Mansion HEAVY on the Details is Brought to You by the Question Why

Today's featured home is enthralling in its ability to inspire the interrogative "why?" For instance, the home features 3 gourmet kitchens. Why? If you have to ask, you don't get it. Or looking at the main photo above, which we assume is the master bedroom: why are the scale and details of this room so absurd? Because! And while we can all likely agree that chandeliers are very nice, why the need to include one in virtually every room? Why not? But with a house like this, the question why is mostly a folly. So, in sum, if you have $6.95 million in your housing budget, the sublime is not your thing (irony doesn't count) and you find the idea of subtlety both hard to grasp and to spell, this 6 bedroom, 7 bath/2 half-bath charmer on Paper Mill in Marietta is just for you.

· 4348 Paper Mill Road [Harry Norman]