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Green Spaceship of a House in Candler Park Lets the Funk Flow

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We were thrilled when our friends at Estately sent this one over, as we used to walk the dog past this unique house daily and wonder just what was going on inside. Now that we've gotten a peek, it looks like some seriously fun parties...there is, after all, a disco ball permanently installed in the kitchen. But that's only the start. The wall art surrounding the fireplace has no doubt mesmerized an intoxicated houseguest (or resident) or two, and the curtains on the porch serve the dual purpose of creating a a dramatic space and hiding what goes on it from prying eyes. And lest we forget, there is a lime green wall thrown in for good measure. Overall, a 3/3 in this neighborhood for $449,694 (even the price is idiosyncratic) is a fairly good deal. But this one's going to take a very special buyer.

· 581 Harold Avenue N [Estately]