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FLUX 2011 Was Very Cool; Thoughts on FLUX 2012

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Along with what seemed like thousands of other folks, we here at Curbed made our way to Castleberry Hill last Friday night for FLUX 2011. The organizers are to be commended for the concept and spirit of the event, and for their ambitious showcase of such a diverse collection of art. The participating artists do the entire city a service in exhibiting their wildly creative works to the public for free...hopefully their efforts last Friday will aid at least some of them in finding a way to make a living following their passions. All of that said, the user experience for the average FLUX attendee was mixed at best. Perhaps the growth of the crowd outpaced the organizers' planning? This is one of several questions we pondered as we retreated from Castleberry Hill to Midtown in search of food. More below...

1. Why weren't all the streets with exhibits blocked off?
2. Why did only 3 or 4 food trucks show up?
3. Why were some of the premier "audience" pieces (i.e. the iron pour, the aerial dance troupe) so difficult for larger crowds to see?
4. Would it take a massive sponsor and turning the event into a de facto carnival (like so many other Atlanta public events) for FLUX to enjoy some of the traffic and police accommodations that could have made the experience a bit more coherent?