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The Smog In Atlanta Is Even Worse Than It Appears

As the high pressure and cool nights of early fall have a clearing effect on Atlanta's skies, the smog of summer fades from consciousness and onto the back burner once again. But as the seriousness of the problem grows more acute, the economic malaise is keeping the federal government from taking action (remember that story last month about the Obama Administration's decision not to tighten air quality rules?) Per current EPA standards, Atlanta violated the maximum concentration of ozone limits 39 times this past summer. But the minimum number of days our air quality was dangerous was 65...and that's using the least protective limit set by the EPA’s Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee (CASAC). So what can we do? As the article points out, reducing car emissions would help. T-SPLOST anyone?

· Getting to 'End of Smog,' not 'End of Smog Season' [VaHi-Briarcliff Patch]