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Ginormous New Buckhead Home is Surprisingly Tasteful

Normally when we see a house touting its 20,000 square feet of living space, we gird our loins for an exercise in OPEC Minister-grade gaudiness. You know, lots of gold and loud marble, ornate 'theme' rooms of disparate styles and a special money-burning fireplace. But when this listing was brought to our attention, we were struck by the relative tastefulness of the decor. Does one really need a full indoor golf facility and a gymnasium complete with still rings? We can't say, we've never had John Daly or an Olympic gymnast in training as a guest. Either way, $10,000,000 seems to be going a pretty long way in the luxury market these days...not sure if 1-2 acres is going to be up to snuff, even with a house like this.

· 435 King Road NW [Atlanta Fine Homes | Sotheby's]