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At Least MARTA's Lack of Cash Creates Opportunities for Architects and Designers

As anyone who has used MARTA this week is acutely aware, Atlanta's lowly public transit system is perenially cash-strapped, resulting in the 40% fare hike that began on Monday. There are a variety of reasons for MARTA's financial condition. We here at Curbed think a complete lack of operational funding from the State of Georgia for MARTA (in our capital city and primary economic engine, no less) is a pretty big culprit. But we digress. Among the many things MARTA can't afford are shelters for all of the city's bus stops. Resourceful and thrifty as MARTA is, they sponsor The Oasis Project, an open-call design competition for bus shelters run in concert with the Open Architecture Network and Architecture for Humanity. The Atlanta chapter of AFH just received a micro grant to develop this year's winning design, so look for the appearance of at least one of these utilitarian-looking structures on a street corner near you sometime in the near future.

· Atlanta Chapter Wins Micro Grant [Architecture for Humanity]
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