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Where Nightmares of the Late 1970's Live On

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For those Curbed Atlanta readers who read other editions of Curbed, you may have wondered why we've yet to showcase one of the more beloved items in the Curbed universe: That's Rather Hideous. The answer to that question is simple: we hadn't encountered hideousness of sufficient intensity to brandish the feature. But thanks to our friend Jonathan Carnright over at the Clickscape Blog, the wait is over. This house on Mt. Vernon sits on 1.2 valuable acres in Sandy Springs. And it's kind of a sneaky one: while the exterior is somewhat dated, the architecture actually wears fairly well. But the interior is a dark hellscape of decorating horrors, and the awful smell is detectable through the internets. We know not everyone necessarily believes in (or in this economy, has the budget for) interior decoration refreshes, but you know it's bad when a time-traveling 1970's pornographic film producer is said to have rejected this as a free location to shoot. Anyway, you get the gist. While Atlanta Communities has the listing, they don't let you see the interiors without registering, so we're linking elsewhere. Bless the copywriter or realtor who landed this, perhaps the most difficult broker babble assignment of all time. Still, they managed to craft the perfect sentence: "from the moment you walk into the 2 story front foyer complete with Koi ponds and a waterfall, you feel the uniqueness." Yes. You. Do.

· 525 Mount Vernon Highway [Clickscape]