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Atlanta Suburban Glam Circa-1994 Could Use a Little Help With Staging

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1994 was a crazy year. Ken Starr was just beginning to torment the Clintons (Bill & Hillary, not George) with the Whitewater investigation. Alice in Chains and Green Day were all over the radio. There was no Major League Baseball season. And Pulp Fiction was blowing minds in the movie theaters. Also, this stucco cluster home was built in Dunwoody and decorated for what looks like the final time. Today its owners offer it for sale for $395,000. For your money you'll get 4 bedrooms and 4 baths (master on the main floor), a blindingly-white kitchen, a nice balance of hardwood and off-white carpet and a backyard short on trees but long on bermuda sod. Your call.

· 5456 Brooke Ridge Drive [Estately]