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Will the Archipod Change the Way We Live & Work?

The reality of people's ability to capably work from home seems to be catching on. But this apparently is a somewhat American phenomenon, since we all have plenty of space for a home office, given that we live in giant McMansions with 4 extra bedrooms and full finished basements. Apparently in Britain, folks working from home are often relegated to a garden shed in the yard. But it can be cold and uninspiring in there. So a British architect has designed an elegant solution in the form of the Archipod, and the good folks at ridiculous crap emporium Hammacher Schlemmer are bringing it to the U.S. It really is a neat little structure. Even with all of the extra room, perhaps Americans would appreciate a little escape in the yard to work on our screenplays or yogo or comic book or scrap-booking (or work). So what's the price on this little sphere of design chic? $40,000? Sure! At that price, better get two...the old ball 'n' chain is likely to get jealous!