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Classy Morningside Rental For Book Lovers With a Hefty Budget

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Morningside's location, great schools and leafy streets of beautiful homes from the early 20th century don't come cheap. But for those folks without a couple of hundred thousand dollars for a down payment but with a big chunk of change to spend on housing, renting can be a beautiful thing. To wit, this gorgeously renovated tudor originally built in 1930 on Barclay Place. 4 bedrooms, 4.5 baths, a neat floorplan and built-in bookshelves in both the study and the master bedroom can be yours for $4,250 per month. Though the place has clearly received some attention from an interior decorator (that, or the residents are missing their true calling), even your collection of hand-me-downs and IKEA pieces could manage to look good in a house this lovingly restored/maintained. Those who believe home ownership is for suckers could do a lot worse than this as an example of the bounty of the Atlanta rental market in 2011.

· 1627 Barclay Place [Harry Norman]