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Modern Estate in the Forests of Buckhead: $12,000 per month

The end of a week of rental features brings us back to Buckhead and the $10k+ per month stratosphere of rents. For folks that have $144,000 to blow on housing for a year (with nothing to show for it at the end), a modern house with lots of glass on a gated 1-acre parcel of very private forestland awaits you. In addition to its futuristic look, the house is tech-geek's dream, with all kinds of fancy appliances and computerized lighting and sound throughout the 4 bedrooms and 5 baths. We're guessing you'll also have the ability to throw some pretty funky dance parties around the pool and waterfalls. While this is certainly a nice house, the price seems pretty out of whack when you can get double the house, ten times the land and substantially more "wow factor" for a mere $14,000 per month over on Valley.

· 2730 Ridgewood Road [Atlanta Fine Homes]