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Council of Neighborhoods Cannot Convert Disdain for "Buckhead, Atlanta" Name Into Action

It seems that a lot of people find "Buckhead, Atlanta"- the new name for the development formerly known as the 'Streets of Buckhead'- objectionable. In addition to being generally lame and kind of confusing, the idea that a single 8-acre private development is appropriating the name of a neighborhood that covers some 28 square miles strikes some as a little presumptuous. But the Buckhead Council of Neighborhoods couldn't get a majority behind a resolution to formally request that the new owners, San Diego-based Oliver McMillan, change the name. With member neighborhood representatives expressing sentiments ranging from being "offended" by the name to feeling the developer is in its rights to name the project whatever it wants, the vote came down to 7 in favor, 6 against and 6 abstaining. Whatever the hell it's called, one thing everyone should be able to agree on is that it will be nice to see that massive hole in the ground filled in.

· BCN board fails to take stand on asking for change of name for Buckhead Atlanta due to abstentions [BuckheadView]