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The Epicenter of Atlanta's Gay Community Has To Move

The gay community's planting of its rainbow flag in Midtown was big part of the neighborhood's success over the past couple of decades, and Outwrite Books was widely considered the epicenter of not just Atlanta's LGBT scene, but the entire Southeast's. As Midtown continues to thrive (while much of the rest of Atlanta trudges through an extended hangover from the building boom), the neighborhood's success is pushing a landmark out of its iconic location at the corner of 10th Street and Piedmont. The challenges of the book business and the value of Outwrite's real estate have conspired to force the shop to move. Just steps from Piedmont Park, the corner of 10th & Piedmont has been in a state of gradual change for years as the Midtown dining and entertainment district expands toward the park and residential density increases. On a positive note, Outwrite owner Phillip Rafshoon reports that shortly after announcing the move, he'd been contacted by 20 folks about new potential spaces. And we thought there was a big hole to fill when Backstreet closed...

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