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The South Defeats the Southern Company at the Battle of Yellow Dirt Baptist Church

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Every time one thinks the Civil War and its issues are in the rear view mirror, a corporate monolith tramples on the rights of Georgia citizens and re-opens the wound. Georgia media and Sons of Confederate Veterans supporter sites are lit up with accounts of a Baptist preacher and his brother's successful defense of a small cemetery adjacent to the Yellow Dirt Baptist Church, which is located amidst the 2500 acre site of Georgia Power's Plant Wansley in Heard County. Apparently, Georgia Power employees advancing the Southern Company's politically-correct agenda were removing small confederate flags that decorated the graves of Civil War veterans. The problem: the giant utility didn't have the right to remove the flags, because when they bought the land to build the plant, ownership of the church and cemetery remained with the right Reverend Wayne Webb and his brother, the church's trustees. With the help of Sons of Confederate Veterans and other groups, the flags are now back in their rightful place. File this latest skirmish in a 40 year battle under Only in Georgia. Or Alabama. Or Mississippi. Or Tennessee, etc.

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