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A Church Gets Modern in Woodstock, Atlanta Architecture Firm Wins An Award For It

As we've noted before, church architecture has come roaring into the 21st century around Atlanta of late. And now an Atlanta-based architecture firm is getting national recognition for its work on the new Woodstock Community Church in (you guessed it) Woodstock. Though this will be old news to subscribers of Church Production Magazine and Worship Facilities Magazine, Tunnell-Spangler-Walsh & Associates (TSW) won a national Solomon Award for the very contemporary 3-building campus it designed for the WCC. We particularly like the combination of modern angles and natural materials used on the interiors. It's certainly a big departure from the grand cathedrals one usually associates with church architecture, but the contemporary style seems stripped down in a very appealing way. Would seem to make church more accessible to the average heathen.

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