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A House for Lovers of Golf, Robin Hood and Midtown

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If you've ever gone exploring in Ansley Park, there's a good chance you've gotten turned around and found yourself winding through the Sherwood Forest, a neighborhood where all the streets have been whimsically named after characters and places from Robin Hood. In addition to the fun (if a little bit random) collection of street names, the 'hood boasts a fantastic north Midtown location, lots of trees and in the case of this house on Friar Tuck, frontage on the Ansley Golf Club (this crib is on the 8th hole). The photos show a somewhat split-personality in this house...some of it is lovely, some of it is in need of an update. But for a 4/4 of almost 2700 square feet with a pool in this neighborhood, the $875,000 list price is pretty approachable.

· 1691 Friar Tuck Road NE [Palmer House Properties]