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A Gorgeous Renovation on the Southern Side of Midtown

After yesterday's excursion into the winding roads of northern Midtown's Sherwood Forest, today we return to the grid and move south to visit a decidedly more urban section of the neighborhood on 6th Street. Though still buffeted by an ample canopy of foliage and not directly on the busier through-streets, this location may strike folks as a little further from Piedmont Park than they'd like. But this house and the value offered go a long way toward making up for it. The four side brick home has been renovated nearly perfectly, and the beautiful woods and clean, airy paint scheme enhance the already generous dimensions of the interior spaces. The kitchen is open to a comfortable living room area, all three bedrooms provide plenty of room to breathe and the front porch suggests long, languid cocktail-drenched evenings waving to the mix of dog walkers and homeless that travel 6th Street by foot. A spacious 3/2 for $469,900? Okay. But we'd definitely negotiate for money back at closing to go toward a high-end alarm system.

· 409 6th Street N [Estately]