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Semi-Wily Peachtree Corners Woman Foils Perhaps the World's Stupidest Swimming Burglar

There are so many incredible things about this story that it's tough to know where to begin. First and foremost though, the victim was not harmed. Which is good. But now the better parts: a) while robbing the house, the burglar left his car (with his wallet inside) running in the driveway; b) when the homeowner returned and figured out what was going on, she turned the car off, took the burglar's keys and wallet, left and called the cops; c) when the burglar realized he had no getaway car, he jumped in a nearby lake and swam away. Pretty great, right? But now the best part: after emerging from the lake and promptly breaking into another house, the burglar LOGGED INTO FACEBOOK on a computer in the house. Genius. He then failed to log out before leaving. The worst part? The police have thus far failed to apprehend him. Maybe the stupidest criminals are sometimes the hardest ones to catch?

· Robber remains logged onto Facebook while running from homeowner []