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An Unusual House in a Weird Location That Mixes 'Very Nice' with 'Kind of Strange'

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We're so entranced by all of the remarkable things going on in this house that we honestly can't remember how we stumbled upon it. But suffice it to say it's a worthy Friday listing. Tucked into an aged section of Sandy Springs just east of Roswell Road near its intersection with I-285, the location is at once semi-desirable (for its proximity to the Perimeter, Sandy Springs and north Buckhead) and repellant (for its exposure to various waking traffic nightmares). The house and its decor also display a collection of split-personality traits. The kitchen is delightfully modern and outfitted with an awesome collection of future-foodie appliances. And the living spaces and their furniture are also mostly stunning. But the bathrooms veer toward the bizarre...with the powder room's art featuring multicultural'ish Barbie and her menacing stare, and the master bathroom's white curtain scheme clearly inspired by music videos for bad 80's love ballads. All told, the basics add up to 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, an in-law suite and a studio, all offered for $799,000. We're guessing it'll take a price cut and a special buyer to get this one sold.

· 5880 Hilderbrand Drive [Coldwell Banker]