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Midtown Parking...Now With Signs

The Midtown Alliance is out with big news today...soon there will be uniform signage at key spots on Peachtree to helpfully direct you to parking, some of it gratis for retail patrons. We're a tad confused by this. There are no shortage of pay parking lots in Midtown more than happy to relieve you of between $5 and $15 to park (prepaid, of course). And thanks to Parkatlanta (i.e. the City of Atlanta) putting a parking meter on nearly every inch of curb possible in town, there seem to be a lot of open street parking spaces, too. Are there new, secret lots we're not aware of? Have Midtown retailers struck some sort of deal with the prepay lots to validate parking? How will this work? Wait, what's going on? Screw it, we'll just take MARTA. [Facebook]