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We Still Want Your Renter Horror Stories! (And to Pay Your Rent for a Month)

[Ever lived in a place like this? Surely there's a story to tell there...and we want to hear it. This nightmare comes to us courtesy of Multifamily Insiders.]

As wonderful a city as Atlanta is, and as polite Southerners are, surely there are dark stories to be had out there in rental land. Tell us about your strange, scary or hygenically-challeneged roommate! Vent about your cheap, awful landlord! Regale us with tales of the nightmarish hell holes where you've laid your head and stored your stuff. Get them into us by end-of-day tomorrow, Thursday, November 3rd. The best Atlanta story will then duke it out in a national contest for the grand prize of one month of your rent being paid by us (up to $2500). Come on folks, do Atlanta proud! Send your stories post-haste to