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Legoland's Atlanta "MINILAND" Building Selections Are About What You'd Expect

As we reported previously, the Legoland being built inside Phipps Plaza will feature a "Miniland" of Atlanta, a collection of Atlanta landmarks built in Lego. Based on public nominations, the buildings have been chosen, and there aren't really any surprises. The list with our comments below:

Bank of America Building- probably a no-brainer given that it's the tallest building in town (and the tallest in the U.S. outside of New York and Chicago). But definitely not the best looking skyscraper Atlanta has to offer.
Fox Theatre- obviously.
Georgia Dome- probably a given, but not a particularly inspiring structure from the outside.
Georgia Aquarium- kind of a wildcard, but a whimsical-looking building filled with amazing fish. Why not?
High Museum of Art- a no-brainer, but well-played nonetheless. Starchitects like Richard Meier and Renzo Piano deserve as many Lego homages as possible.
King and Queen Towers- the suburbs get a nod. Pretty cool buildings, iconic. Nice.
Stone Mountain- nature! This will be interesting to behold once constructed. Have never seen a granite colored lego...
The Varsity- this will look beautiful rendered in lego. As iconic Atlanta imagery goes, top of the heap.
Turner Field- we suppose hosting an Olympic games and a major league baseball team make it worthy, but still kinda obvious. Meh.
World of Coca-Cola- how could this be left out? And besides, Coke needs the exposure.