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The Pop-Up Retail Phenomenon Makes It To Atlanta (Finally)

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Like most things, the pop-up retail craze raged for years before Atlanta finally hipped to it. But just in time for the holidays, two of the city's trendiest shopping areas are bringing the people the temporary shopping opportunities they've always wanted (whether they knew it or not). First, the Shops Around Lenox unveiled the new location of landscape designer Matthew Klyn's GARDEN, a "garden design boutique" full of gifts and decor for the green-thumbed. On the heels of that announcement came word of the Westside Provisions pop-up program "Tinsel & Twine," which will run from December 1st thru December 4th and feature pop-up boutiques from folks like Arboreal (stationery and gift wrap), Peter Nappi (handcrafted footwear, bags and belts) and Le Jardin Francais (the international floral and garden design atelier) in addition to special offerings from their permanent tenants like Jonathan Adler and Anthropologie. Though Atlanta is often late to the party, no one seems to mind. Now let's see if consumers actually spend money this holiday season.