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A Murphy Bed Sighting in a Town Where Space is Abundant

A big thanks to our sharp-eyed friends at Estately for bringing this to our attention. We can officially say this is the first Murphy bed we've ever seen in Atlanta. And though it's difficult to discern how the bed works within the space of this studio condominium in the Aramore, the wood wall unit in which is resides is most handsome. Though this unit clocks in at a scant 629 square feet, it still looks fairly comfortable and contains little touches like a shower that sprays the entire body and a nice little kitchen with granite and stainless steel appliances. At a list price of $100,000, 'buy' wins this one in the battle of 'buy vs. rent' with an approximate mortgage of $383 per month. And you can celebrate the purchase of your new home at Holeman & Finch, which is just around the corner.

· 2255 Peachtree Road N Unit 627 [Estately]