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An Atlanta Business Legend is Okay With The Observant Knowing That His Gigantic House is For Sale

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As many of you are (possibly painfully) aware, there's no shortage of homes currently for sale in Atlanta. And among those, there are plenty of multi-million dollar listings just waiting to be made into house porn by smut lords like ourselves. Perusing homes with list prices north of $3mm today, we happened upon this unique home in the gated Sandy Springs estate neighborhood Wildercliff. We were struck by the unusual contemporary architecture infused with light Southwestern touches, and also with the small mountain's worth of stone, tile and marble used in its construction. And the windows, such windows! Whenever enjoying a voyeuristic look at a slightly idiosyncratic home, one can't help but wonder about the inhabitants of such a space. But the privacy concerns of owners of properties like these often preclude the public from such knowledge. Not so this house, because the smiling visage of an Atlanta icon in pop art technicolor beams down from the wall in one of the listing photos. Suddenly, the bounty of high-end building materials involved in the mansion started to make sense. And while there were no obvious signs of a predilection for aquatic life, we suppose there's another gigantic structure in town for such displays. As for the house, you'll see that there are just 4 bedrooms and 5 baths to go with a lot of square footage and standard estate features like a theater, indoor lap pool and wine cellar for $3,900,000. In a strange coincidence, this homeowner's partner in business recently and very publicly sold a home for almost exactly the same price (actually $100,000 less, but that's a rounding error in this rarefied air). We suppose we could be mistaken about the homeowner's identity. But if so, the actual owner has weird taste in art.

· 7460 Wildercliff Drive NW [Atlanta Fine Homes | Sotheby's]