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A Tuxedo Park Estate With the Ultimate Atlanta Pedigree

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This one's been on the market forever, but the price has been cut and we haven't gazed at its splendor in a while. Houses this grand often have a name (this one's is Windcrofte), but it's the name of a former owner that matters here: Mr. Robert Woodruff, he of the Coca-Cola Company and uncountable acts of philanthropy benefiting the company town. The land under Windcrofte is as valuable as it gets, and the scale of the property blows one away from what seems like hundreds of yards away on the street. But as crazy Buckhead estates go, the house is fairly reasonably sized with 5 beds and 5 baths in just over 10,000 square feet (perhaps a function of the fact that Mr. & Mrs. Woodruff had no children). The pictures really speak for themselves here, so we'll defer to them. But we probably should note that the seller Guy Millner is somewhat notable himself, mostly for his large bankroll and three unsuccessful runs for public office. Got $8.9 million to spend on housing? It's yours.

· 3640 Tuxedo Road []