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Sandy Springs Man's Solution to Coyote Problem: Reason With Them in the AJC

The still fairly-new City of Sandy Springs boasts some of the more enviable living conditions in the Atlanta area. Folks across the socio-economic spectrum enjoy its sylvan neighborhoods, excellent schools, abundant shopping and proximity to highways and Atlanta in-town communities. Unfortunately, the lack of density and abundant wooded areas means the presence of other residents, who do not pay taxes, make a mess of the trash and prey on innocent pets softened by their comfortable domesticity. We speak, of course, of the coyote. As others turn to guns or other methods to exterminate them, one thoughtful and rather eloquent Sandy Springs man is making an appeal to coyotes' reason. Stay tuned for updates as to how that works out for him.

· Sandy Springs: What's that raiding the trash? [AJC]