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Falcons Quest for New Digs Pushes Forward

Maria Saporta is out with an update today on the Atlanta Falcons' push for a new outdoor stadium to replace the Georgia Dome. The team has their eyes on a site just north of the Georgia Dome, which is currently used as a truck marshaling area for the Georgia World Congress Center. The plan is not without its critics, who question the wisdom of using tax dollars to build an expensive new stadium (estimates peg the project at $700 million without addressing the need to replace the truck marshaling area) that will be used perhaps ten times per year. Especially with the fully-functioning Georgia Dome in place that could be renovated for far less. The outcome is uncertain in this era of strapped budgets, but Falcons owner Arthur Blank is a man accustomed to getting what he wants. And it is ludicrous that a warm climate football town like Atlanta has its team playing indoors. [Atlanta Business Chronicle]