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Welcome to Renter's Week 2011

With the Atlanta housing market on a seemingly endless spiral downward, renting a home has become quite the preferrable option these days. In part to honor of this trend, Curbed Atlanta joinsw its cohorts nationwide in presenting RENTERS WEEK 2011, a week of coverage of everything Atlanta has to offer the person looking to rent a property, whether for a day, a week or a year. You say you'd like little preview of what you can expect? Well, today we'll start with a look at the Best & Worst of airbnb, the online hub for people to rent out their homes (or part of their homes) by the night. Later in the week you can look forward to an expose on the best of get-a-way vacation rentals within a couple hours of Atlanta, a look at the Atlanta apartment market and the best of what Craigslist has to offer the erstwhile property renter. Also, all week long in our On the Market feature, we'll look exclusively at rental properties in the metro Atlanta. As ever, we'd love your comments and feedback, so please never hesitate to write us at Enjoy!