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airbnb Atlanta: Part I: The Best

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If you're not aware of airbnb, you're probably not alone. The matching service for folks that want to rent out their homes (or just a room) to travelers looking for non-hotel accommodations hasn't really caught in Atlanta...there are less than 200 listings in the metro area, versus nearly 2,000 in a city like San Francisco. And while the idea is great (for people looking to make income off of their homes, alternative-minded travlers), it has not been without its issues. That said, positive experiences seem to outweigh negative ones, and there are some very nice options available for short term rental in Atlanta (and also some scary ones, but we'll get to those later). Here in Part I of our look at airbnb's options in Atlanta, let's look at three of the Best.

High Rise 1 BR Apartment in Buckhead- $99 per night (2 night minimum)

This new'ish apartment in the Lenox Square area looks clean, stylish and boasts access to all the amenities one expects from a new condo tower like a gym and a pool. Perfect for a shopping weekend in Atlanta, it also serves a base for exploring the entire city with 2 MARTA stations nearby. There is a 2 night minimum on this one, it's $150 for a single night.

2 BR Loft in Castleberry Hill- $99 per night

This big, roomy loft is comfortably furnished with contemporary style. You can walk to the Castleberry Hill galleries and are just a hop, skip and a jump from downtown.

1 BR Architect's Loft in Ormewood Park- $175 per night

If cool design on the minimalist chic tip is your thing, this loft is right up your alley. The Ormewood Park location on the east side and gives you easy access to Grant Park and the surrounding retail, East Atlanta, Decatur as well as the city center. If you really like ice, skip it though...the ice maker is broken.