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Is The New Steve Too Much to Ask For?

God we love Craigslist. Though we don't get there quite as much as we used to, spending some extended time there today reminded us of the bounty that good old Craig Newmark continues to bring the world with his simple little electronic bulletin board. In any case, while there's no shortage of genuinely weird stuff going down on Craigslist 24/7, there are also above-board, normal things going on there. And some of these posts contain delicious bits of wit and wisdom. Exhibit A: this gal's paean to her soon-departing roommate Steve, which begins thusly: Steve has decided to move to Denver. His company is transferring him. This makes me unhappy, because Steve is a totally awesome roommate, but apparently he needs to "keep his job" so he can continue to "have money" with which to "pay for things." The post continues, illustrating Steve's awesomeness and telling us a bit about the place (which actually sounds pretty great). We here at Curbed Atlanta are, if nothing else, helpful. So perhaps our publishing this listing here will enlarge the author's talent pool, making a new, high-quality Steve more likely to be found. So...the question: are YOU the new Steve?

· $575 Are you the new Steve? (Virginia Highland) [Craigslist]