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A Nice, Spacious 2/2 in Sandy Springs With A Saltwater Pool

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Welcome all to Day 2 of On the Market: Rentals. We may have to make this a regular feature because there are some fantastic places to rent in Atlanta that don't require down payments of tens of thousands of dollars, homeowner's insurance and the risk of losing your mobility (and tens of thousands of dollars, but as a renter, your landlord gets to worry about all of those!) Today we see a nicely renovated 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom off of Glenridge in Sandy Springs for $2,000 per month. Almost 2,000 square feet! In addition to great living spaces and an elegantly re-done kitchen, the place has an in-ground saltwater pool. As a pool is almost a necessity these days to get through the lengthening, intensifying Atlanta summers, this is a key amenity. You also have the option of buying the place for $299,900. But with the ability to rent a place this nice, who needs to buy?

· $2000 / 2br - Incredible Renovated House (Sandy Springs / Buckhead / ITP) [Craigslist]
· 5618 Sherrell Drive NE [Harry Norman]