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Atlanta Is Americans' Least-Most Favorite City They Don't Live In, According to New Harris Poll (We Think)

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As any politician on the wrong side of a poll will tell you, polls don't matter / we don't pay attention to polls / the data is erroneous. So when we saw the headline that in a new Harris Poll, Americans cited Atlanta as #15 out of 15 when asked the place they'd most like to live in the U.S. other than the place they currently reside, we took it with a grain of salt. Then we read on, and learned that these same Americans cited Atlanta as #12 on the list of places they'd least like to live. So are we the least-most liked city people don't currently live in? Or are we the 12th most-least liked city Americans don't live in? Either way, all of these surveys are moot, because we assume they were taken before yesterday, when most everywhere in the Atlanta area voted to begin selling booze on Sundays. And Dallas was #4 on this survey. DALLAS. Dallas is like Atlanta, except with 80% less trees and it's in the state of TEXAS. So keep your chin up, Atlanta. Sunday booze and The the phoenix, Atlanta will rise again.

· Harris Poll: Atlanta a less desirable place to live [Atlanta Business Chronicle]